What Are Recruiters Looking For?

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Let’s face it:  recruiters these days are loaded with work.  As a result, and despite their best intentions, most recruiters simply don’t have the time they need to thoroughly view every resume that comes across their desk.

Most will scan through a half dozen paragraphs in just seconds so yours has to stand out from the others. Simple mistakes will make an interviewer eliminate a candidate as they have to give a chance to the most qualified prospects. Therefore, you will need to convey their skills through effective objective statements that can persuade an employer.

This brief overview looks at what are recruiters looking for in a prospective employee.

Keyword search

An applicant has to define the position they are interested in and express how their acquired skills will suit that particular position. Keywords communicate qualifications and the skills that an applicant poses. A prospective employer makes basic assumptions about the skills an applicant has based on the keywords they use. A single keyword has tremendous power and delivers a big message. Gaps – A gap is sometimes is an absence of explanation that will make recruiters wonder.

While most people feel uncomfortable explaining that they decided to take a few years to raise children or open their company, it is important to explain what you did with the gap. By explaining what you did with the gap years, you are communicating with employers that you acknowledge that a gap might rise questions.

What’s Your Motive?

Recruiters tend to focus on the current status of an applicant to figure out why they are interested in a new position.  If it’s not entirely clear they’ll try to assess if an applicant hold a job for a lengthy period or they usually work for some few months and leave for another job.

They may also try to uncover if the applicant is looking for a new position because he or she has been fired from the previous position and why they may have been fired. Most importantly, recruiters try to assess whether the most recent experience of the applicant will be relevant for the job they will be hired.

Company Recognition

Credibility of an applicant is paramount. An applicant from a successful marketing company may have high marketing skills since they are accustomed to working in sales. Recruiters have identified trends and patterns among applicants from particular organizations and formulate some assumptions about those companies.

If a candidate has only worked for obscure companies that are unheard of, then they have lower chances of getting the job.


Good employers should be genuinely interested in the career progression of a candidate, so it’s definitely a plus if the interviewee shows increased in the level of responsibility in their history.

Whether that is proven through sports, hobbies or a past job role, an individual who had certain responsibilities in a previous job may be able to take on similar responsibilities in their new company

Personal online footprint

Though a personal online footprint is not an essential requirement, bothering to include it in your resume may let employers see that you are detail oriented person. The footprint will include some personal domains such as Quora profiles, GitHub contributions, Twitter handles and Dribble accounts.

When an employer clicks through an applicant’s Twitter account, they may see something impressive that will give you a competitive advantage over other candidates.

General logistics

Employers also tend to look at the Location of an individual as well as their eligibility to work in the US. General logistics are not a determining factor but play a role in influencing an employer’s decision.

Overall organization

Another important factor is simple elements such as spelling, ease of use, grammar and ability to present ideas clearly. If a person cannot express themselves clearly, then they may not be suitable for marketing jobs.


Education is a key element as most recruiters will want a candidate with a college degree to suit a particular position. However, education is sometimes inadequate if a candidate does not have experience. If the position does not require a new applicant, then the experience is paramount. Nonetheless, the level of education required varies across companies and industries.

Companies such as Facebook are clear that they want engineering candidates with core CS fundamentals, so some recruiters narrow the field and just look for candidates with computer science degrees from the top 25 schools.

Thanks for taking the time to read our articles and good luck in you job search. Make an informed decision to employ the above strategies in your resume and get the job you are applying for.




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