Want a Career in Skilled Trades? Here’s Why You Need a Degree…

College Class in Session

Today’s young worker have a problem.  It’s hard to get a job.   In any field.   And the job in the skilled trade professions aren’t an exception.  In order to remain competitive as a prospective employee or entrepreneur in today’s high-tech environment earning a bachelor’s degree is more important than ever – especially a career in the skilled trades.

Whether you’re an electrician, a medical tech, plumber or welder – knowing why is just as important as how in the skilled trades industry.  For many would-be employers having a prospective employee with a degree automatically give you an edge over the competition and a pathway for much more responsibility – not to mention a larger salary.

Today, we’re going to talk about why having a knowledge-based foundation in the form or a bachelors or associates degree is so important in today’s modern economy.

Career opportunities

Earning a bachelor’s degree is a door to numerous career opportunities. It is estimated that nearly 1.5 million American students earned bachelor degrees in the 2007-2008 academic year and currently that figure should be way up and improved. Those with associate degrees and high school diplomas can also get many jobs but many are said to be entry-level jobs and one would require more education so as to progress up the career ladder. With a bachelor’s degree, you will be able to skip the entry-level jobs and go straight to higher positions and work as nurses in healthcare institutions, marketing experts and also economists among others.

As a veteran entrepreneur and co-owner of TRI Roofing, a Durham roofing company, George Pennell has can attest to the need for educated employees at his Triangle-based company, “In addition to possessing some well-needed business acumen, college educated employees are much more reliable for the long-term workforce we’re looking for, and are the one’s we typically train for management-level positions.”

Better earning

With a bachelor’s degree, you are more often than not going to earn a higher income as compared to one with an associate degree or high school diploma only. Numeration is usually calculated with the level of education as one factor that is used to place one in a job scale. A bachelor degree accords you a higher job scale than a diploma and come payday you will get a higher salary than a diploma holder. When you get a master’s degree you will surely earn more than a bachelor’s degree holder and the trend continues. This will be the difference between a comfortable life and a struggling one; of course it also depends on how you will manage the higher earnings.

“In addition to possessing some well-needed business acumen, college educated employees are much more reliable for the long-term workforce we’re looking for, and are the one’s we typically train for management-level positions.” – George Pennell, Owner of Roofing TRI Durham, NC

Increased competition

Today many people have gone through high school and college and are armed with their diplomas and associate degrees hence clogging the employments filed with too many job seekers. This has become a problem as even the entry level jobs are hard to come by when you have a high school diploma alone. This calls for more education and certainly for one to have a university degree in order to be assured of a placing in any of the companies with openings. When applications are received, employers may sift through and select the people with higher education levels and the diploma holders will definitely be at the bottom of the stack. You better chose a degree of your liking and which you have passion for then go ahead and pursue it for you to be assured of employment and beat competition.

Some jobs of the future are said to require only bachelor’s degrees for consideration. This is a wake-up call to everyone that they should at least get that coveted bachelor’s as soon as possible.

Further studies

Bachelor degree provide on with opportunities for further education, mostly masters degrees. This may be earned as an offer from your company, a scholarship program you may qualify due to your degree or when you decide on your own to pursue further studies while on the job.

Valuable skills

Within the program period of your degree study, you get to be instilled with other valuable life skills outside your coursework. This may include communication skills, time management, innovation, goal-setting, organizations, and public speaking among others. This is not what is offered when in high school hence a bachelor’s degree comes with more than class work and makes you more prepared for life after graduating.


Business degrees also teach and encourage students to be entrepreneurial in their life. If one has an idea and cannot wait for long periods to be employed, they can embark on their idea with the skills they have earned and be self-sufficient on their own. The skills acquired during the degree study come in handy at such a phase and the programs could also offer incubation programs for the ideas from the students. This is not what you can get with a diploma only.



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