Tips To Motivating Yourself For Graduate School

motivation for graduate school

Starting with the graduate school may cause you mixed emotions. There are positive ones that make you feel excited about your new endeavor. You may look forward to starting and finishing graduate school in the hopes of a better career. 

Many students feel that your motivation is going down hill as you get to know the different demands that graduate school requires.

Such demands can also be more burdensome for adults who are returning to school. Nevertheless, feeling less motivated isn’t the end of it all. You can still turn that around by following some of the tips below.

Inject A Little Competition

If you ask top athletes like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Tom Brady they’ll tell you that a strong competitive instinct that is the key component in driving them to perform their at their very best day and day out.

The good news is: you too can harness this technique to motivate you on your journey to acquiring a graduate degree.

Let’s face it, most of us are competitive to some extent. We are competitive with each other, with ourselves, with time. If we are playing a sport, I want to beat you, plain and simple. Sure, I will enjoy the game either way, but the fact is I will get more enjoyment out of it if I win.

And it’s not just anecdotal.

According to a 2020 study at the University of Edinburgh, competition was a primary factor in increased release of “motivating” neurotransmitters in the brain.

So go ahead: find that inner drive, identify an opponent, and get busy with a plan to win!

Take Care Of Your Health

Health should always be your top priority. Sure you’ve got lots to do and you may find it challenging to fit everything in schedule but you should make sure you take care of your body. You should not skip meals and prioritize sleeping too.

No matter how hard you try to study, you might not remember what you’ve just read if your body is too tired to think.

Your body also needs proper nutrition and enough water to make you strong enough to last through various activities that the grad school may require. 

Don’t Sacrifice Your Social Life

Sometimes when you are so busy with grad school plus the other adult responsibilities, you tend to sacrifice your social life. Even if you can’t find time to attend all social gatherings with your friends, at least don’t cut ties with them. You can still call or message them. Isolating yourself can further decrease your motivation and can even lead you further into depression. 

There are times that your friends can boost your motivation not by the words they say but because they are simply there to listen. So try to fit some important social events in your calendar or spend a few hours with them over coffee. You’d be glad you did. 

Additionally, you can also try to make some new friends at grad school. If you have similar breaks or schedules, then it would be much easier for you to spend some time socializing and studying at the same time. Building such ties will also help create and build your network

Get Organized

One of the reasons why you might feel a decrease in motivation is because you find that there is just so much to do.

Time management is the key here. You should organize your schedule and make sure you follow it.

This will help make sure that you finish all the tasks that you need to do in time.

Additionally, when creating your schedule, make sure you also give yourself time for breaks.

Manage Your Finances

Worrying about your finances is another cause of losing motivation when it comes to grad school. However, you should always remember to look at your end goal. Manage your finances and prioritize schooling rather than some expenses that you can manage to live without. After you finish grad school and have your career, you’d be able to afford what you want and even get something much better. 

Learn From Your Failures

Don’t be too hard on yourself in case you face failures. Nobody gets everything right and the important thing is learning from your failures. Going through grad school isn’t just about the grades, it is about improving yourself.

Even if you don’t get the highest grades, learning from your mistakes and failures will be of great help in improving yourself for your future career. 

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