Reasons Why Working In Skilled Trades Is A Brilliant Idea

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There are different ways in how you can succeed in life. It’s all about perspective. Decades ago, blue-collared jobs may have been looked down on. However, today, having a dream job of working in an office because of your degree may not be as easy as it was back then. 

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or looking into a change of career, diving into skilled trades is a brilliant idea. Instead of belonging to those who are unemployed or unhappy because of their jobs, getting into skilled trades is a far better option. In fact, it may be the best decision you’re going to make. 

Below are a few good reasons why deciding to go into skilled trades is a brilliant idea:

Trade School Is More Affordable And Takes Less Time

One of the best reasons why you should decide to go into skilled trades is because education is much more affordable. Getting a bachelor’s degree can take you 4 years of school but the training programs for skilled trades will only typically last for 6 months to about 2 years. There is a significant decrease in the amount of time you need to study. 

That makes it a good option even for the adults who are thinking about going back to school for skilled trades. It wouldn’t take too much of their time to finish training so they can start with their new career. 

Apart from the time you spend studying, the amount you pay for training is far less than what you pay when you go and get a bachelor’s degree. That saving is not only beneficial for the younger generation but also for adults who are looking for an alternative to their current careers.

Skilled Trade Jobs Are Well-Paying

The money you make out of the career you choose may not be the main factor in choosing a specific career. However, it is also a factor that is considered by most individuals. 

When we talk about the highest income ceiling, white-collar jobs are what come to mind. That may be true and there are some that could be earning a million a year. However, there is only a small percentage of those that are earning such high income. 

If we are to compare salaries, it would also be a good idea to compare the averages. If you take the average salary of those in the skilled trades, you’d see that they are the same or above those in other careers. 

Do remember that as you progress, your income in skilled trades could also go up. That will depend on how you use the skills you’ve learned. Some can expand into their own business or offer something unique to customers that increases their demand and income potential as well.

Skilled Trade Jobs Offer Job Security

Apart from how much you earn, most people also look for job security. What’s nice about skilled trades is that the job cannot be outsourced. Those who have tech jobs and even those in the medical and legal sectors could also be outsourced elsewhere. 

We would always need electricians, welders, mechanics, electricians, locksmiths, etc. Hands-on work cannot be created elsewhere then shipped. If you locked yourself out of your home, you need someone to come to your home and do the job for you.

There Are Lots Of Jobs Available

Not only do we always need the services of those in the skilled trades, but there is also actually a lack of workers in them. Many tradesmen are already retiring and there aren’t plenty who are entering the field. That lack in the workforce means that there is much demand for the services of tradesmen. 

Satisfaction Can Be Achieved In Becoming A Tradesman

Job satisfaction is one of the things that people are looking for in their jobs today. Job burnout is real and many people tend to quit jobs that do not bring them happiness. No one likes to do work that bores them or brings them dissatisfaction. 

Boredom and dissatisfaction can happen to any job, even for those in the skilled trade industry. However, working with the hands can throughout the day prevents idleness. Most of the time, there is always something to do. 

Also, most people say you should follow your passion to be happy while working. You can do that as a tradesman. You can identify your skills, and use those for your work, whatever work that is. 

Additionally, you may have a better work and life balance with it. That’s because you can simply stop with the work you do in your hands once you go home. It is easier to disconnect because the work can’t be done online or through mobile or computer devices. 

Additionally, there is something satisfying in doing something tangible. Whether you are building things or fixing them. Seeing or physically feeling the fruits of your labor can be very fulfilling. 

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