Overcoming The Anxiety Of Going Back To School

student anxiety

Whether you’re planning to enroll in an online trade school or going back to complete an incomplete degree, there can be a lot of mixed emotions involved with the decisison. One of which is likely anxiety.

It is normal to feel nervous because you haven’t attended school for years. However, you don’t have to suffer through that anxiety.

Here’s a few tips that can help you overcome it as you go back to school

Accept That You Have Fears

Pretending you’re not afraid of going to school when you really are will just bury the feeling. Know that it is okay to feel afraid and that is the first step to overcome it. If you simply avoid it, then it will just get magnified. Try to figure out what about going back to school are you afraid of. You can write them down to acknowledge them then eventually conquer them.

Find A Support Circle

Whether it is your family, friends, or fellow adults going back to school, anxiety is better dealt with a support circle. Share your insights with your support group so they can better help you. Sometimes, simply knowing that they are there helps you go back to school comfortably.

Prepare Yourself

Feeling fearful is lessened when you prepare. If, for example, part of your anxiety comes from thinking that you can’t deal with the new technology, then you can prepare for that by familiarizing yourself with new technology. The more you prepare, the more confident you feel and that lessens the anxiety significantly. 

Think About Your Goals

There must be a reason why you want to go back to school. Whether it is to have a change of career or to have a better option for work, having goals help you overcome your anxiety. Before school starts, give yourself time to reflect and think about your goals. When you feel like giving in to your fears, think about your goals.  

Tackle The Challenges One By One

It is best to always think of your main goal or end goal. However, in between today and your end goal, you should also be thinking about getting through each hurdle one step at a time. Understand that you can’t simply and instantly reach your goal, there are steps to take. Also, don’t forget to celebrate each hurdle or challenge that you’ve successfully gone through.  

Think Positive

Negative thoughts can cloud your brain and they won’t do any good. Thinking positive just doesn’t mean happy thoughts. It is knowing that there are challenges and believing in yourself that you can overcome them. 

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