MBA vs Masters: Which Should You Choose?

mba vs masters

The age-old  question of MBA vs Masters is one which is continuously being asked and a myth which continues to persist on the subject of graduate education is that regardless of what your educational history or professional background may be, if you truly want to advance in the career of your choice, than it is crucial that you continue learning throughout your career.

There is no doubt that an MBA really does make a CV look good as well as provides solid management training while helping one to expand their professional network. That being said, an MBA is not the right choice for everyone, even if you wish to make it to the tip in your industry niche, it is still not an absolute necessity.

Depending on their backgrounds, many grad students when deciding on MBA vs Masters,  will have better results by obtaining a more specialized Master’s degree, for example in accounting or finance, or in whatever subject which is relevant to their profession of choice. It is best to have professional goals which are 100% clear as well as an understanding on how past experiences will relate to these professional goals.

Being aware of what a person’s interest are will help them to select a professional field in which they will be happy in even five or ten years down the line.  So with that in mind, here are a few tips and pointers to keep on mind as you narrow your search.

Consider Your Goals

A Master´s degree helps the person in question to obtain and specialize in a certain field, while broad training in business management is provided by an MBA. Master’s programs are by and large far more theoretical and involve completing either a Master´s thesis or a final project; MBA´s on the other hand take on a more practical focus requiring students to search for solution to real world business problems and case studies.

An MBA by itself will not make someone job-ready, in the same manner that a non-MBA Master´s degree will not necessarily be the stepping stone towards and academic career or doctorate. Not only is the MBA degree meant for career changes, on other ways which the industry one is in and heading in a professional direction that is completely new, it is also an important stepping stone towards leadership. An MBA helps to broaden a person’s horizons and provides them with international scope, there allowing that after graduation they be relocated due to landing a job in a foreign country.

On the contrary, management is not taught with a Master´s, instead it is meant to help the person kick start and get a flying start in their professional career. On the other hand, the MBA degree is in most cases will be the last time is someone’s life in which they will have to seriously study. This degree is one which will be applicable throughout their entire career.

It Really Depends

Both an MBA and Master´s degree have their practical applications and they are able to lead to advancements in a person’s career, however this is only true if applicants have a very clear idea of where they are trying to go professionally. When all’s said and done, it is up to each applicant to get the absolute most out of their program, whether they opt for an MBA or a specialized Master´s.

Whether they decide to use the networking opportunities which are offered by their school, meet industry leaders by attending specialized seminars, or cold-call employers with which there is an interest in working with, getting where someone wants to be is really more about attitude and drive and not so much about the academic credentials they hold.

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