How Going Back to School Can Change Your Life Forever

If you think it’s too late for you to go to school again, we would like you to think again! Going back to school takes grit, and hardwork, but it opens new doors of opportunities and can change your life forever. The economy is no doubt improving but that doesn’t guarantee you a good paying job, especially if you haven’t updated your skills in some time. Going back to school to get your dream degree is a great idea. Don’t let your fears stop you from doing something out of the box. The time to return to school is NOW!

Just ask a ’15 Mille-Motte graduate Jimmy Herod , who went back to school for Business Management to supplement the income he’s getting from his Towing Company business in Memphis,

“Continuing education has not only allowed me to take on a second job in the Financial field, it’s given me the tools and knowledge to take a step back from my towing service to focus on growing the business from a financial perspective.”

Need more convincing? Here are a few benefits of opening your textbooks again…

1- Higher Income

A recent study concluded that employees with higher degrees tend to earn more. The career progression is faster and they also perform better at their jobs. A little bit of college with no degree can translate into $3,000 more income annually. A graduation degree means $20,000 more annually when compared to high school diploma. Similarly, a doctorate or a professional degree will help you earn around $50,000 more annually. Now, that’s a big number and reason enough to start thinking about going back to school more seriously.

Some trade programs and apprenticeship can also go a long way in securing a more financially stable future.

2- Doing Things Your Way

As we age it often becomes hard to take orders from others. Especially if these orders are coming from someone junior or who don’t know as much as you do. Adults who are already in a professional field can help themselves climb up the ranks within their organization if they start working for an advanced degree.

3- Career Change

Let’s face it, how many of us are doing what we always wanted to do? There are only a few. Many adults go back to school to do what they have always loved to do. It’s a career change and it’s a good thing. However, experts advise being cautious as starting a new career would generally mean that you will be starting from the bottom and will have to do all the hard work again.

4- Greater Opportunities

It has been observed that no matter how talented, loyal and hardworking individual you are, you won’t be reaching the top spots if you are lacking in education. Many adults returning to college actually want to progress in their current jobs. This, however, may become tough, especially if you have to study while being on a demanding job.

5- Better Health

Yes, you can live a healthier life if you are more educated. CDC has established a connection between health, job satisfaction, lesser stress and the education level. Returning to school in old age reduces the chances of obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, etc. All these relationships have been scientifically proven.

So, are you still waiting? 🙂

Bottom Line

The list above is not exhaustive but we are sure it’s enough to convince you to go back to college and start living your dream life.

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