Getting Ready To Apply For A Job

applying for a job

After going back to school and finishing your selected course, you are now ready to transition from attending school to building your career. All the knowledge and experience you now have will help you land that job you’d want from the company of your choice. 

However, before you attempt to apply for a job there, there are some things that you should first do to prepare yourself. Preparation would greatly help in your strategy so that you’d be noticed and hired by the employer. Such things are as follows:

Give Your Social Media Profile An Update

If you’ve been working on a different career path before you went back to school, that previous information is what is still listed and seen in your social media profile. Check them and give them an update so that when potential employers do a research on you online, they’d see that you are fitted for the job. 

Your previous jobs can still be listed there but don’t forget to list that you’ve recently finished a course or training related to the job position you want to apply for. This would help you convince employers that you are fit for the job. 

Do Your Research

One of the things that you should also do is to do some research on the company you want to work for. If they have a website, visit it and just get a feel of what the company is like. This will help you identify the core values of the company so you can market yourself better to the employer. 

Another thing to research is the information about the hiring manager. Know the name and email so that you can make your cover letter customized and properly addressed. Sending your application to the hiring manager is better than simply applying through a job posting. It’s because you can make sure that your application really reached them. 

Reach Out To Other Employees

You can also connect to the employees of the department you want to work in. You may be able to find them while doing your research about the company or the hiring manager. Connect with them through LinkedIn and introduce yourself. Tell them that you are interested to know more about the company and what it’s like to work there because you are planning to apply for a job there. 

Customize Your Application And Focus On The Position

With the information you get from the employees, you can better write your resume. Give focus on the position you’d like to apply for and show them that you are the right one for it. Use the information you have gathered to focus on who they’d want to have for the position you are applying for. 


It can be exciting to see that a job you want in the company you’d like to work for is hiring. Although you should act fast and apply as soon as possible, you still shouldn’t do things hastily. It would be best to prepare yourself so you can create a better job application. With preparation, you ‘d be able to better market yourself for the position you want to apply for. 

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