Getting In on The Green Revolution

Green Technology

Is your career ready for the increasing demand in green technology?

We live in a unique time in history where customers not only expect their products and services to meet quality standard, but to be environmentally friendly as well.  And now we actually have the technology necessary to meet these seemingly opposing requirements.  Dubbed the “Green Revolution”, this customer-driven push towards so-called Green products is driving forward-thinking companies to re-evaluate their business and hiring practices to realign to this new reality.  As a prospective employee how do you take advantage of this growing demand?  And how is technology making this transition possible?

Agricultural Production & Food Security

In the last ten years there have been discoveries of different types of wheat and rice, while also bringing about chemical fertilizers that help with plant growth and making things richer in flavor. With the ability to finally control water the way we want and prosper in cultivation, this seemed to be the resolution to the problems that have been going on for years.

When things got more interesting the, what the green revolution did was make what already existed better. We were able to create irrigation, pesticides, and synthetic nitrogen fertilizer. What this id was improve the crops and ensure we could produce a good profit on them because the life span was expanded and the taste was better. The fact that there had become more production, more energy was being used. But the good thing about this was there seemed to be a good balance between the two to keep it going. No one was losing a profit. This gives us a food security. If there had not been the idea of the green revolution, we would probably be in malnutrition right now. There are too many people to keep trying to grow the same amounts of food in the past. We had to grow like the technology. With growth comes a little more work but we can handle it.


One of the biggest reasons people criticized the creation of the green revolution was because of the big pressure it put on small town farmers to create just as much product as bigger owned farms. With that it meant that there had to be the usage of irrigation systems and pesticides throughout the land. Which also meant that the larger farms could come and take over the smaller farms as a part of their own growth. It was a sad recognition but things ha to change, for the better of course. Some people like to believe that the green revolution will become unsustainable. The reason being because we are a growing population and it can be foreseen that if the economy does not get better we can become too demanding of our own land and ecological capacity. The green revolution can prosper as long as we know our limits and only stretch them steadily so we do not break.

What people don’t understand is that the Green Revolution is going to be able to help people get jobs. When people think about the green revolution they fail to realize it can create a lot of jobs. Those people in factories will not be needed and they can easily become green workers. They are able to be trained in a little amount of time. With global warming and everything happening to the environment it is detrimental for us to start making those new jobs and really invest in the green revolution. Many industries need fossil fuels and have been almost forced to take things in a different direction so that it is better for the environment. All it takes is some willingness to get the job done.

Health Impact

There is another steady argument about the health impact this green revolution will have on us. When we use the multitudes of pesticides and u=inhale them ourselves we can be causing harm to our internal system. Pesticide consumption can cause cancer and there has been a trend spotted with that. When farmers do not pay attention to the safety practices needed to be taken when they have done it for such a long time, they expose themselves to more harm than intended. As a farmer you need to be wearing masks. There have been a recorded number of about 1 million human pesticide poisonings a year. It is something that is saddening, but can easily be prevented if the awareness is given and properly adhered to. All the skepticism can easily be put aside as long as people understand.

The New Green Revolution Compared to the Old

A lot of the time people try to dig deeper into certain aspects of technology in hopes t understand it better. The green revolution is not exempt from this either. Although it has created and improvement to agricultural output in many areas, they still know it needs improvements too. They continue to find ways of making it healthier, ways to create techniques better equipped to handle the evolving population. People want to make it so that no one can criticize the way the process is and the impact it has on the world. In other words, ways to make improvements is to make sure that these researchers are being funded to continue the work they are doing. So many countries can benefit from the usage of the green revolution.

In this new green revolution physical labor will not be the only thing needed. Intelligent people like engineers and architects will be in high demand. We have to get these people who actually know what they’re doing and can really make a change out there to help. It does no good for them all to go school and we waste the knowledge. Even though some Blue collar jobs will get eliminated, the green revolution will massively create jobs that will be better than they have ever been. People can also begin to make more money, live better lifestyles, and get out of poverty. Everything will shift forward instead moving us backwards again and the potential is amazingly high.



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