Careers Worth Going Back To School For

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As the old adage goes: it’s never too late to learn new things. Which happens to be a great way to approach life in general, but especially so for the business person that need to pivot to a new career trajectory.

Whether you’re unhappy with your current career or you’re looking boost your career options, going back to school is an option that’s becoming more and more accessible for learning in all walks of life.

However, even you’ve already decided to go back to school, you still need to make a choice on what course to study and career to pursue. Aside from a career in the field of beauty and wellness, here are more fields that are worth going back to school for based.


1. Physical Therapist

Being a physical therapist is a great career and it offers a high salary of around $80,000 a year. Physical therapists are those that help patients to manage their pain and improve or get back the usual physical movement the various body parts can do.

It takes a while to become a physical therapist, which is about 7 years. If you already have a Bachelor of Science degree then all you have to do is to earn the doctorate for 3 years.

2. Registered Nurse

If you think that 7 years of going back to school is too long, you can opt for a course to become a registered nurse. For this career, you would only be required to attend 2-4 years in school.

A nurse also has a very good salary and they are needed in hospitals, doctor’s clinics, or home care service providers.

3. Medical Administrative Assistant

If having direct contact with patients doesn’t make you feel comfortable, you can still tap into the healthcare industry with limited patient exposure by working as a medical administrative assistant. With this career, you’ll be responsible for setting up patient appointments, handling patient’s billings and medical reports as well as their medical charts. Clerical skills will come very handy in this position.

Plus knowledge of medical terminologies, procedures, and technology is also needed. Entry-level positions to this line of work may only require a high-school diploma but finishing programs specifically designed to teach medical administrative duties plus medical technology can help better land the job.


1. Financial Analyst

After about 4 years of going back to school and studying economics, finance or statistics, you can become a financial analyst or a financial consultant.

As such, you’ll be responsible for guiding individuals or businesses in their financial decisions. You’d also be dealing with investments and stocks. 

2. Accountant

To be an accountant or an auditor, you’d be spending about 4 to 6 years in school to get a Bachelor’s degree. In this career, you’d be working on taxes, financial records, and financial reports.

You can work for an individual, a small business, or a big company. 


1. SEO Specialist

The internet world gives way to a new career such as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist. The career involves a variety of roles like advertising, web development, and market research.

With the ever-changing world of internet marketing, it is expected that education is also continuous. There isn’t a degree to the career but there are different programs that can help understand and do the role efficiently.

2. Market Research Specialist

With this career, you’ll be responsible for studying a target market and predicting trends.

This knowledge would be used to help businesses identify who to target, how to target them, and how to sell to them. It can take up to 4 years to get a bachelor’s degree in this field.

Business Administration

1. Human Resources Manager

As the human resources manager, your role is to help handle the employees. You’d be the one to recruit, screen, and hire them. You’d also have the responsibility of bridging the employees to the employer.

The salary is quite high and the average is about $100,000. You’d be spending 4 years in school for this degree.

2. Project Manager

If you like and do well with organization and management, then a project manager career would be a good fit. They are the ones that manage different aspects of the business and not just the projects.

Project managers are needed in different fields so the degree studied will also depend on the field you’d want to work with. You’d typically be spending 4 years of studying to get this degree. 


1. Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for creating and designing the website. They can work as freelancers or they can also work for a marketing or design agency. They will are the ones who create websites for businesses, professionals, or individuals.

With this career, they need to have knowledge about graphic designing and coding so that they can design the front-end and back-end of the website. Some may only focus on the design and others on coding but a balance of this will make the web developer more competitive. 

2. Information Security Analyst

Security analysts are responsible for helping their clients protect the data and information of the clients or their customers. They prevent cyber-security attacks on their client’s data.

They also help create strategies to protect the data and information stored by their clients. This career usually involves learning programming or computer science courses that can take about 4 years. 

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