Careers In Cyber Security

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As technology advances, there is also a new breed of criminals out to get unsuspecting victims. Do you know how much a company could lose when there is a breach in their data or cyber security? There’s a lot at stake here because that information also puts the customers, consumers, or patients at risk. 

Breaches in data or cyber security are quite common. Most of those that are targeted belong to medical services, retailers, and other public entities. A rise in the frequency of breaches also gave rise to the demand for professionals in the cyber security field. 

Starting A Career At Cyber Security

There are many different roles that you can get into to start your career in the cyber security field. No matter what role you pursue, the basics would involve knowing how to code. You can do this by physically attending school or through e-Learning platforms. Alternatively, you could also learn more about computers and how they work by rebuilding one physically. 

Cyber Security Jobs

There are different jobs you can have in the cyber security field. The main goal of the jobs is to prevent breaches or to guard against cyber security attacks. With each job, the skills required would vary and the average salaries would vary as well. Here are the jobs that you can get into:

Computer Forensics Analyst

A computer forensics analyst is someone who would be investigating breaches or cyber-attacks. Data will be analyzed to figure out who is responsible for the crime. They could also be of great assistance for law enforcement officials or prosecutors to give a clearer picture of the cybercrime case. 

Chief Information Security Officer

With such a title, you’d expect that you’ll have to carry a great responsibility. With this job, you’ll be in charge of managing the company’s information security. You’d have to make sure that all the computer systems are protected so that breaches or attacks are prevented. 

With this job, you could have other security employees under you and you’d be supervising them to create security plans, upgrade the networks and inform or educate other employees to prevent security breaches. 

Security Architect

As a security architect, you are responsible for figuring out the possible threats. You also need to create or design a network and security system. Preventing breaches and attacks is the main priority here. You’d have to test the weaknesses of the company’s servers, networks, firewall, routers, and data storage. You will design protocols to reduce breaches and to help them know what to do in case it happens. 

Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker is someone who is hired to purposely hack into the company’s security system. In that way, you’ll be able to figure out if there are any weaknesses in the cyber security system or network. It is a great way to find vulnerabilities that could allow unethical hackers to succeed with their cybercrime. 

Source Code Auditor

This job involves focusing on the possible glitches in the source code. Such a job would require you to be updated with the latest strategies that hackers could use to gain access to whatever information the company has. 

It is your responsibility to look for errors or bugs in the source code and fix them to strengthen cyber security. You may also be asked to test the security system and try to penetrate it so you can identify the vulnerabilities of the system. 


Cryptographers focus on protecting encrypted data that may contain information about finances or other sensitive information. This job may also require you to identify weaknesses then create solutions to properly encrypt data to properly protect them from anyone who is trying to get access to them.

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