Back To School For A Career In Beauty And Wellness

Beauty and wellness

Is beauty and wellness a big part of your life? Have you ever dreamed of owning a salon, spa, or wellness center? Well, you don’t necessarily need to go and finish a degree at a traditional school to do that. A trade school can help provide you with the skills you need to start build a career or start your own business in the industry.

Start With Training

It’s never to late to focus on your passion. In fact, your passion in the beauty and wellness industry can be a very profitable one. Even an as adult, you can go back to a trade or vocational school to start or shift your career into the beauty and wellness industry.

Schools offer a variety of courses and programs within the beauty and wellness industry. Each one can last from 9 months up to 24 months. There are lots of programs available and you should carefully choose which one to go for.

Courses And Programs

Beauty and wellness is a huge industry and although there are some positions that require a graduate course, there are still many that don’t. You can easily tap into the industry by focusing on training in any of the programs available at trade schools.

Here are a few programs you can get into:

1. Cosmetology Program

Cosmetology programs usually deal with the beautification of the hair, face and nails. Some schools may also refer cosmetology simply for the beatification of the face using makeup.

Students will learn to enhance facial features, create dimensions and textures, fade flaws and apply suitable makeup for various events and occasions. They will also learn different makeup techniques suitable for this era.

2. Hair Care And Styling Program

In some schools, training for the hair is completely separated from the cosmetology program. This is because there are lots to learn about hair too.

The program would teach students to cut and style hair. Hair color, conditioning treatments, hair perm, and other use of hair tools will also be taught.

3. Nail Technology Program

The nail technology program doesn’t only teach about painting nails and applying various artistic styles to them. It also teaches students about the nail structure, proper grooming of nails on the hands and feet, spa procedures, and simple after grooming massage.

The latest technologies used for the nails such as UV gels, nail art, foiling, tips, acrylic nails, and other art techniques will also be taught. The program aims to fully arm each student with the knowledge and skill to keep the nails healthy and beautiful.

4. Esthetics Technology Program

The esthetic technology program makes use of different technologies available to enhance the face and body. It may include training for eyelash extensions, waxing, facials, microdermabrassion, masks, and use of other skin care products.

5. Massage Therapy Program

This program teaches about various massages and relaxation techniques. The body anatomy and physiology would also be taught so students can better understand how to do the different massages.

Get A License And Continuing Education

Some careers may need you to get a license while others do not. Not getting a license and only opting for the training may start your career but what you can do would be limited. It is best to get a license whenever you can.

Apart from a license, some careers and professions may be required to get continuous education. This is very understandable because the beauty and wellness industry is ever changing. Yes, you can easily learn the basics but advancement in technology also means you have to be up to date or else you’ll lose clients.

Perks Of Having A Career In Beauty And Wellness

If you’re really passionate into beauty in wellness, one of the perks you get is the enjoyment on learning about the things you love. Learning and working in the industry you are passionate on can be very personally rewarding. You’ll feel happier and will be more excited to work.

Secondly, the compensation that you get out of a career in beauty and wellness is very rewarding. Some of the most well compensated employees in the beauty and wellness industry include:

  • hairdressers
  • nail care staff
  • barbers
  • masseuse
  • sauna operators
  • beauty care bloggers
  • cosmetologists
  • makeup artists
  • esthetician
  • manicurist
  • eyelash technicians
  • nail artists

Building Your Brand

Sure, you’ve got a great career in beauty and wellness but you can take that a step further by creating your personal brand. Be an entrepreneur and start your own business.

You can have your own spa or salon. In the future, you can even open up more branches as it succeeds. If you do decide to build your own brand, we’ve got 5 tips for you on how to build your brand.

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